Willow Creek - Steamboat Springs, CO

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Bluestone Dam - DSA Phase 4 

The Bluestone Dam, DSA Phase 4 Project consists of the Base Contract with eight Award Options; the major scope of work includes the installation of 278 High Capacity Multi-Strand Rock Anchors. Work includes working above water on an elevated platform and utilizing multi-sized crane support from elevated platforms and barges.

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Pine Creek

The Pine Creek Dam originally became operational in 1970 with a 7,510’ long and 124’ high earth fill embankment.  The outlet works include an intake structure, 13-foot diameter conduit, a 48-inch water supply and water quality bypass, and a 36-inch water supply static head line.  Flow through the conduit is controlled by two 5’ 8” by 13’ hydraulic slide gates operating in tandem.  The dam has been given a Dam Safety Action Class (DSAC) rating of 1 – extremely high risk – as a result of seepage and piping along and into the outlet conduit. Major features of work on the project include a secant pile cutoff wall, chimney filter, downstream invert filter, and 12' diameter steel conduit liner.

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Cacapon State Park

The project consists of rehabilitating the upper and lower dams of the recreational lake to meet the structural criteria of the Probable Maximum Participation Storm model.  The 366 feet wide, 34 feet tall lower dam was initially constructed in the 1930’s by CCC workers.  The 550 feet wide, 36 feet tall upper dam was built in the 1970’s to supply water for irrigating the park’s golf course. Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) overtopping protection was produced onsite and placed via telescopic conveyor.

Chickamauga Lock

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